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Sunflower Husk and Meal Trade

Sunflower Husk Trade

During vegetable oil production sunflower husk and meal are also produced as side products. Due to its excellent burning properties (high calorific value, low moisture and ash content), sunflower husk is widely used as a fuel both in power plants and household biomass boilers. In order to ease its use, we also sell husk in pellet form.

Meal Trade

Glencore Hungary is a region leader in the production and trade of protein-containing meals. Our Foktő oilseed crush plant provides our partners with a continuous supply of meals of the highest quality available on the market.

Thanks to our nationwide network, we offer highly economical logistics solutions to our partners and provide the best shipping conditions for both parties.

Our contracts are tailored to the needs of our partners. We seek to meet market demands by offering both spot and futures transactions with terms for the goods to be made available at our site or to be delivered.